• Having regular review meetings with our industrial board, specific companies with close interest in our technologies
  • Hosting annual research festivals with multiple industry participants and our collaborative institutions to create collaboration and technology transfer discussions and panels
  • Industrial partnerships and direct engagements (e.g., visiting industry fellows, student internships, faculty exchanges) and collaborations, including with national labs such as the MIT Lincoln Lab, LBNL, and NIST

Start Up EcoSystem

Preparing faculty and students to transfer research into practical applications and turn ideas or research into successful business

Open Source Tools

Experienced DISCoVER team members recently developed an integrated suite of modeling, analysis, synthesis, physical design, and verification/validation tools for integrating large numbers of superconductive devices and they demonstrated some of the past design tool challenges for superconductor electronics can be solved with rigorous investigation and creativity


Utilizing the code hosting platform for version control and collaboration